Tick Prevention

Protecting your family, pets and business

There is an increasing demand for tick control. Ticks are living longer through the warmer winter months, and they are spreading farther into populated areas bringing diseases along with them.

It seems most people you talk to know someone who themselves, kids or pets have been adversely affected by a tick bite. Most dog owners are already protecting their four-legged family members with monthly oral or topical medications or medicated collars.

Our tick prevention service will give your four-legged friend an additional layer of protection as well as protecting the entire family when enjoying your time outside.
Our tick defense program works like our mosquito service. A technician will walk your property to look for and assess trouble areas and will treat your property accordingly, focusing on where ticks lay their eggs as well as where they hang out to wait for a blood meal. This includes areas along the perimeter, in tall grass and low shrubs. We may also suggest the addition of placing tick tubes when appropriate. These tubes will actually treat mice on your property (without harming them). The mice will then help you decrease the proliferation of ticks in your yard instead of being part of the problem. We don’t think mice want to get bitten either, so they may even thank you for doing your part.

Technicians are trained to avoid areas where important pollinators will be hard at work. If you are doing organic gardening, we have all natural solutions as well. Our synthetic pyrethroid product will last three to four weeks. For the all natural products you may need to retreat sooner.

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