Mosquito Prevention

Protecting your family, pets and business

Yes, mosquitos tick us off as well. Not only do they take our blood and make us itch but they also cost more human lives a year through the diseases they spread than any other creature on earth.

You don’t have to lather yourself or the kids with DEET to play in your own yard.

Like our tick service, one of our licensed and insured technicians will defend your property by spraying a barrier around your property allowing you and your family to play outside in your yard, even after the street lights come on. Our tech will target trees and shrubs where mosquitos feed as well as looking for sources of water and excessive moisture where mosquito larva may be. 

When appropriate, we will use an all natural larvicide for larger puddles of standing water. This service will eliminate the current adult mosquitos as well as the larva that would have been taking flight in a matter of days.

This treatment can be done with our synthetic pyrethroid product or all natural ingredients. Our synthetic approach is very effective and safe, in fact after 30 to 60 minutes to dry, your dogs and kids can get back out there for fun that wont bite. This service will last 20-30 days as it will breakdown harmlessly in the environment.
This is why we suggest a season pass where we will come out after 21 days and retreat for a bite free summer. 
Our all-natural solutions may only last half as long as they breakdown easier in the environment. We often use a combination of synthetic product for fast acting results that last and the all natural product near veggie gardens. We love to meet our clients in person, but if your not home we will inspect your property and treat accordingly and our tech will leave a report card with any findings or suggestions.

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